Boru Noodle Bar

Eat noodles.


Welcome to Boru!

Boru Noodle Bar is Newport's only ramen inspired eatery. We are happy to bring you tasty bowls of noodles and more. 

What is a "noodle bar," you ask?  A noodle bar is a fast, casual, cafe-style restaurant where one can find a quick and tasty meal in a bowl.  These popular noodle bars are commonly found in big cities like New York and London.

Our noodle bowls are made with savory broths, fresh vegetables and a variety of proteins. We use ramen, a wheat-based egg noodle. We also offer several appetizer options in addition to our noodle bowls.

We offer bar seating and limited table seating. We have a small dining room so be prepared to get cozy.

***Also, we have just recently opened an additional dining room. The new space can accommodate large parties and private events. Please contact us if you would like more information.***

Dine in or take out. No reservations. Cash and credit cards accepted. 

We hope you come by for a bowl of noodles very soon!

Since early 2013, Casey Shea and Steve Lucier have been working hard to bring you Boru Noodle Bar. It wasn't too long ago that these two local chefs birthed the idea of “noodles in Newport.” Casey and Steve put in many long hours, weeks and eventually months, to construct Boru. Between the two of them, they have over 30 years of restaurant experience in the Newport area. After working together for several years, they decided to team up and dedicate themselves to their own restaurant venture. Casey was inspired by a good friend and chef working in New York City who exposed him to ramen culture. He was immediately hooked by the culinary possibility. The concept was further developed via a partnership with Steve, whose fresh, young energy was a key catalyst to bringing Boru into fruition. So the wheels began turning and the noodles became more than just thoughts and ideas. They became Boru Noodle Bar!